Welcome to the ComTec company newsletter for Agents, “The ComTec Agent Connection ”

Thank you for another amazing month. Here is a brief look back on last month’s accomplishments by the team at ComTec, and a couple of special agent recognitions. As always we thank you for your support in partnership with all of us in the ComTec family.

ComTec Cloud News

Congratulations to Gain Communications Platinum Value Added Reseller exceeding the minimum commitment of $8 Million over 2 consecutive years

ComTec Consulting – June Deal of the Month

An agent brought ComTec into one of Philadelphia’s top 5 healthcare companies. Spend was $1.2 Million annually in energy, savings of 25%, the agent commission was $30k for the referral!

ComTec Continues to Make the Grade

In just the last 3 months, ComTec has expanded from initial tests to partners and agents and 5 schools have committed to the new iConnect EDU solution.  iConnect A.L.E.R.T. (Advanced Layered Emergency Response Tools) has been added to the iConnect platform, allowing for two-way communication and mass notifications. In this era of school safety, this solution will help to provide peace of mind to students and parents across the country.

For example, one school district with 500 classrooms across three schools signed a 5 year deal with ComTec, with the agent getting $2,500 per month! – that’s $150k over the contract period. The agent decided to take their commission upfront and got $75k.

New Release: ZAC

Just last month ComTec released a new product to the iConnect ZX platform known as ZAC. An upgrade from its predecessor, MXIE, ZAC has an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing new interface.

With easy to access presence, instant messaging, contacts, voicemail, and instant call recording, ZAC is sure to enable business driving collaboration within all of your teams.

Increased National Distribution:

ComTec has added 24,000 new sub-agents to our distribution channel with inclusion in the top master agent channels in the US. By adding ComTec services to new agent portfolios, our products will be made available to businesses around the country.

ComTec has the Prescription for Growth

Since the release of the iConnect RX healthcare solution, the customer base had been steadily expanding, but recently the growth skyrocketed. The scalability and industry specific applications have helped healthcare organizations better manage their care and streamline their workforce. Recent customers include national centers such as Amida Care and Wills Eye Institute.

New Talent at ComTec:

In our continued search for new talent, we found our new Executive Sales Administrator, Katie Lomonaco. She will provide support within the executive, sales, and marketing teams to ensure cohesive work can be directed at high level problems. We continue to look for additional talent in sales management to build up our team.