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Change VLAN on a Polycom Phone

  1. Press the “Home” button
  2. Press “7” for “Settings”
  3. Press “2” for “Advanced”
  4. Enter the password for the phone. In this case enter “<phone password>” and press “Enter”
  5. Press “1” for “Network Configuration”
  6. Go to “Ethernet”
  7. Go to “VLAN Menu”
  8. Go to “VLAN ID:” and press the “Edit Button”
  9. Enter <VLAN> and press “OK”
  10.  Press the “Back” button until you are prompted to save the new configuration.
  11. Save the configuration and if you are prompted to reboot the phone then select the option to reboot. If you are not prompted to reboot the phone, then manually power cycle the device (unplug from power for 30 seconds then plug back in)
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