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Recording a Group Voice Mail Greeting

Record Greeting and Check Messages from any phone:

  1. Dial “*86” from a phone any phone on the system. When the system asks for your password, then
    dial “*”. The system will then ask you for your group voicemail box number, enter the group mailbox
    number, then “#”.
  2. The system will then request your personal voicemail box number and password. The personal
    mailbox number used must have permissions to access voicemail for the group mailbox you are
    accessing. Enter the mailbox number of an Extension with Voicemail permission for this group, then “#”,
    then the personal mailbox password, then “#”.
  3. From the main menu, choose option “4” for More Options.
  4. Choose option “2” to change name/greeting.
  5. Choose option “2” to change your greeting (or choose option 1 to change a group name).
    (Note You may choose option “3” to listen to all recorded names and greetings)
  6. Choose option “1” for Greeting number one (Greeting number one is the greeting recorded/used
    by default).
  7. You will then be prompted to record a new greeting, when finished, you will press “#” to stop
    recording. The system will then playback your recorded greeting.
  8. If you are unsatisfied, Press “2” to rerecord the greeting. If you are satisfied, Press “1” to proceed,
    the system should tell you the greeting has been accepted.
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