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Isaac Strozyk


Business Operations Specialist

Describe your role for our community.

I facilitate ComTec’s internal business operations to ensure all project stakeholders are set up for success.

What attracted you to ComTec?

ComTec Systems is comprised of forward-thinking, driven, and ambitious employees. Our workplace has a family culture which creates a great work environment. Most importantly, as employees we’re told to think critically and be proactive about how processes can be improved.

What experience prepared you for your role here?

Before working at ComTec I received my bachelor’s in computer science and information systems from Stockton University with a focus on system design, process development, and project management.

After graduating I served as Stockton University’s Esports Program Coordinator, providing me with experience in developing scalable business processes utilizing data-driven decision making for growth.

These experiences have prepared me to serve in an organization like ComTec which sits at the intersection of business and technology.

Which Core Value is most important to you and why?

Innovative – I’m passionate about driving organizational innovation, striving to push myself and members of my organization towards holistic improvement.