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Justin Bloom


Strategic Marketing Associate

justin bloom
Describe your role for our community.

My role as a Strategic Marketing Associate is to work with potential customers in order to assess their business needs and then offer ComTec’s options as solutions to them. Providing customers an understanding toward what ComTec can offer and then finding potential leads.

What attracted you to ComTec?

While exploring career options I came across ComTec’s open position. After learning about their long history and reading up further on their core values and goals, I felt like they stood apart from the rest of the job market. Their constant race with innovation and technological adaptability interested me heavily.

What experience prepared you for your role here?

I’m fortunate to have a uniquely diverse background; from my time in the military, my degree in neuropsychology/psychology, years working in industries such as aerospace, operations, logistics, management, and sales, I’m able to bring an adaptable and ever-evolving skillset to ComTec.

Which Core Value is most important to you and why?

Stemming from my background in the military, I pride myself on having strong principles that align with all the core values. If I had to choose one above the rest, integrity might be the one that stands out the most.