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Stanley John


Business Development Manager

Describe your role for our community.

I’m in a Business Development Manager role @ ComTec to assist the larger team in outreach to greenfield prospects and targeting accounts that are of an optimal fit, while expanding existing customer relationships and assist with ongoing GTM(Go-To-Market) efforts around expanding the ideal customer profile, outreach, messaging and brand awareness, eventually growing an inside sales team.

What attracted you to ComTec?

As with a lot of things in life, a personal relationship at a previous employer brought about an awareness of this opportunity that parlayed into this particular role @ ComTec.  I’ve been in a fair amount of large companies along the way, nice to see a “family” atmosphere here.

What experience prepared you for your role here?

My background has been in the wireless telecom arena(think 2G, 3G & 4G), having started as a wireless systems engineer performing systems design and optimization for mobile networks that later led to a product led sales engineering role which migrated to an enterprise sales role, having pertinent engineering relationships with the larger wireless carriers and enterprises.  To supplement that, my most recent stint was in an inside sales with a national VoIP provider getting acclimated to a different side of the house while a few other side hustles of interest also came my way.

Which Core Value is most important to you and why?

I don’t know that there’s only one, but RESPECT always seems to rank high.  It’s great to collaborate with a diverse set of colleagues and learn from their experiences and become the richer for it.  TEAMWORK ranks right up there.  The old adage that CULTURE eats strategy for lunch unless the culture is built into the strategy, rings true for me as well.