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If you watch the news or are a frequent flyer, you have heard of the most recent Southwest Airlines mayhem. To much surprise, one of the top airlines in the world was not able to keep its operations functioning. And, although you may not be a large airline company, you could be subject to problems within your company due to the same issue as the well-known, billion-dollar brand – antiquated software. 

According to the Washington Post, “Southwest Airlines’ pilot and flight attendant unions warned for years that the company’s rickety computer systems left the airline vulnerable.” Have you had a bug in your ear warning you of your outdated systems? Now may be the time to make these updates! 

Using outdated systems comes with risks that are disproportionate to the cost and energy involved in updating them. While making these updates seems like something that can be placed as one of the last on your to-do-list, the reality could not be further from the truth. Here are the top 3 reasons your antiquated software systems can snowball into problems:  

1. Reduced Productivity 

Outdated systems take longer to execute tasks and can hold back your teams. This is sure to limit your workforce’s productivity and lead to frustration – both for you and them! Morale will suffer if employees are not given the tools and resources to properly do their jobs. This hits your bottom line. 

2. Slowing or stalled growth 

Businesses with outdated systems face an increased risk of being disrupted by outside forces and losing their competitive edge. Those that take advantage of modern technologies can expect to see top-line growth, that translates to a lower cost of operations. Alternatively, businesses with old technology are more likely to see their cost of business grow at a faster rate than their revenue.

3. Migration and compatibility issues 

If you are planning to invest in modern technology, you may have compatibility issues. Issues surface when new technology does not work with your legacy systems. If this happens, you are faced with the potential of needing even more software, having to stall and push timelines back. This can all lead to downtime and high installation costs.  

ComTec Systems lives and breathes business system updates. Perhaps your problems revolve around your on-premise phone system or maybe your company is using 6 different types of software to communicate. Are there potential vulnerabilities in your infrastructure? We can assess your communications platforms and determine if efficiencies can be maximized. Get ahead of your potential problems – do not let your systems create issues when it is too late. We have the tools and knowledge to create a seamless user experience, as well as improve internal communication and collaboration.