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SRHO Chooses ComTec for Cost Reduction

[Philadelphia, PA, October 30] – ComTec Consulting and SRHO, The National Association, are thrilled to announce the success of their partnership, marked by the inclusion of the 35th hospital system benefiting from ComTec’s Telecom and Energy Cost Reduction Program. The services, initially piloted by two SRHO hospital affiliates, are now rapidly expanding due to the significant multi-million-dollar savings achieved.

SRHO, The National Association (, is a consortium of Strategic Regional Healthcare Organizations established in 2017. The goal was to create a national organization that generates value among individual regional SRHOs. Previously unconnected, SRHO now serves as one unified source of information and support, addressing their unique challenges.

Mark Tribbett, Chief Executive Officer at SRHO, expressed: “Our partnership with ComTec Consulting empowers our health system affiliates to dramatically reduce major line-item expenses like energy and telecom costs. They can realize these savings within weeks of initial engagement, without incurring out-of-pocket costs or disrupting operations. We are extremely pleased with the results produced by ComTec, which have exceeded expectations. In addition, we are excited about ComTec’s unified communications technologies. These technologies can assist our affiliates in more efficiently engaging with patients through Artificial Intelligence and faster information flow, ultimately increasing patient satisfaction and health system revenue.”

Michael Dalia, President of ComTec Consulting, emphasized: “SRHO’s successful partnership with ComTec Consulting underscores the necessity of enhancing the profitability and efficiency of healthcare systems nationwide. ComTec’s services are a perfect fit for healthcare, given the speed and ease of implementation. We are elated to join SRHO in the mission to help its members achieve strategic cost reductions and provide better patient experiences.

About SRHO, The National Association

Representing over 350 hospitals and healthcare systems, SRHO, The National Association (, was created to assist regional SRHOs in advancing their common interests. The goal was to develop regional or national markets to create the scale required for next-level strategic cost reductions. SRHO also aims to design the fundamental building blocks to manage risk and improve the quality of care, all while sustaining organizational autonomy.

ComTec Consulting

ComTec Consulting ( is at the forefront of entering new enterprise markets, delivering substantial bottom-line savings, enhanced productivity, and increased profitability for our clients without disrupting their day-to-day operations. Our energy and telecom cost reduction services, and technology solutions don’t require capital expenditure by the client and never involve any upfront costs. With over $800 million in client savings, 47% growth driven through referrals, and a 98.7% client retention rate, ComTec Consulting is rapidly becoming the top choice for enterprise businesses seeking cost reduction.

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