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Upgrade Your Business Communications with iConnectZXTM

iConnectZX™ is our proprietary unified communications as a service solution that can improve your business communications, streamline operations, and increase employee productivity.

Elevate your Teams

Empowering Business Communication

Effective and efficient communication is vital to all businesses, especially with remote and hybrid workers. Companies are seeking more reliable, secure, and efficient voice solutions that can integrate and collaborate.  iConnectZX™, is ComTec’s proprietary UCaaS solution that can improve your business communications, streamline operations, and increase employee productivity. iConnectZX™ is a fully featured and customizable UCaaS solution for businesses of all sizes.

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Strategic Benefits

Streamline and Simplify Your Communication

iConnectZX™ offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to revolutionize the way your team communicates and collaborates.

Unified Communication Hub

iConnectZX™ integrates voice, video, and messaging, providing streamlined team communication within a single platform.

Comprehensive Collaboration

Elevate teamwork with features like built-in file sharing, screen sharing, virtual meetings, and team messaging, facilitating effective collaboration.

Intuitive Call Management

Streamline call handling with drag-and-drop options for efficient call transfers, ensuring smooth and organized communication.

Flexible Call Recording

Record calls on-the-fly with flexible recording features, allowing you to capture important conversations as needed.

External Collaboration

iConnectZX™ includes features for external collaboration and screen dialing from any application.

Anywhere Accessibility

Switch seamlessly between SIP, mobile, and home office phones, ensuring connectivity and accessibility from any location.

Mobile Cloud Solution

Take Advantage of iConnectZX™ for Mobile

iConnectZX™ can be used on mobile devices, ensuring you stay connected on the go with push notifications and seamless call management.

Effortlessly pull calls to your mobile device, utilize on-demand recording for important conversations, control your caller ID, and benefit from advanced call controls – all designed to enhance your mobile communication experience and keep you connected wherever you are.

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See What Others Are Saying

We interviewed the top five service providers in the greater New York area and chose ComTec Cloud services. 
I could not have been happier with the execution and services provided thus far.

Matt Hahn
Senior Director of Security

We value partnerships like ComTec. They took the time to understand our organization. The results speak for themselves.

Roy Leitstein
CEO, Legacy Treatment Services

Through careful data analysis, the ComTec Consulting team found an optimized solution to help this non-profit reduce its technology costs by 20 percent.

This professional services company enjoys streamlined communication and greater scalability across locations thanks to ComTec’s custom integrated services.

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