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iConnectLSPOTS – Your Superior POTS Alternative

iConnectLSPOTS is designed to seamlessly replace traditional plain old telephone service. Discover a revolutionary product that integrates flawlessly with alarm systems, point of sale devices, and voice lines, offering reliable and cost-effective connectivity.

Revolutionizing Connectivity

Superior Compatibility and Unmatched Reliability

iConnectLSPOTS isn’t just a replacement. It’s a transformation. Its Class 5 Central Office switch supports all traditional analog lines, even those incompatible with other solutions. Tested and accepted by leading fire and burglar panel manufacturers, iConnectLSPOTS satisfies the highest technical standards.

Superior Compatibility and Unmatched Reliability

Strategic Benefits

Unmatched Connectivity and Security

Explore the comprehensive benefits of iConnectLSPOTS and elevate your business communications to new heights.

Advanced Security

Enjoy uninterrupted connectivity with iConnectLSPOTS, featuring a 24-hour battery backup, dual SIMs, and intelligent failover to PRI or an internet connection.

Intelligent Failover

Ensure the privacy and security of your communications with iConnectLSPOTS. Benefit from end-to-end encryption on all calls, providing a secure and reliable environment for your sensitive data.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Stay in control with our 24/7 remote out-of-band monitoring system. Receive instant notifications for critical alarm and voice circuits, allowing you to address issues promptly.

Superior Connectivity

iConnectLSPOTS includes a cellular backup feature, ensuring your operations continue seamlessly when facing unexpected disruptions.

Compliance Assurance

iConnectLSPOTS is PCI-compliant for payments, points of sale, and financial transactions, as well as HIPAA-compliant for medical, pharmacy, and insurance environments. Stay ahead of regulations effortlessly.

Scalability and Flexibility

iConnectLSPOTS features a flexible design that allows for expansion and integration with various systems, ensuring your connectivity solutions evolve with your business.

See What Others Are Saying

We interviewed the top five service providers in the greater New York area and chose ComTec Cloud services. 
I could not have been happier with the execution and services provided thus far.

Matt Hahn
Senior Director of Security

We value partnerships like ComTec. They took the time to understand our organization. The results speak for themselves.

Roy Leitstein
CEO, Legacy Treatment Services

Through careful data analysis, the ComTec Consulting team found an optimized solution to help this non-profit reduce its technology costs by 20 percent.

This professional services company enjoys streamlined communication and greater scalability across locations thanks to ComTec’s custom integrated services.

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