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ComTec provides operating solutions for your midsize to enterprise business. Offering flexible payment terms and access to the latest technologies, our solutions maximize achievement of your goals without the up-front costs. From equipment to installation to management, we’ll wrap up your services into one simple monthly operating expense.

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Scalable Technology

ComTec has spent over 30 years developing financing strategies that give businesses access to advanced, scalable technology solutions. Our experts work with you to ensure you get exactly what you need from our industry-leading suite of voice, video, and cloud services. Our individualized process ensures you’ll have the flexibility to scale up or down as needed.

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Tax Advantages

ComTec’s financial services can deliver tax advantages by developing a custom, informed plan for your business. Our strategies include allocating costs between operational and optimized cost streams and spreading out payments over your preferred time period. We’ll help you maximize the return on your technology investment while also monitoring for potential errors.

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Flexible Payment Terms

Choosing the right payment timing and terms can help to increase the value of your investment. From timing the cost stream to match your income stream to choosing a lease-to-own model, your business can benefit from strategically structuring the way you purchase new technologies.

Gain the Advantages of a Custom
Financing Plan

While Adding to Your Flexibility, Scalability, and Bottom Line
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