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Jeff Todd


Project Manager

jeff todd
Describe your role for our community.

As a project manager, I am responsible for providing support to our project implementation team through all phases of a project to ensure successful on time delivery with quality.

What attracted you to ComTec?

While I was searching for a new career opportunity in the project management field, I came across ComTec. What first caught my attention was the atmosphere in the company’s work environment. ComTec operates as a team and has open lines of communication throughout each department. The “family” environment is apparent right out of the gate and it was easy to see how well everyone was able to communicate and complete the task at hand.

What experience prepared you for your role here?

Prior to my current position with ComTec, I was a financial solutions advisor for Bank of America, with a focus on trust and estate management. I also hold a bachelor’s degree in Project Management from the University of Arizona.

Which Core Value is most important to you and why?

The core value that is most important to me would have to be customer centric. As an organization it is essential to understand that the customer’s needs come first, and here at ComTec that is evident as every decision made is in the best interest of our customers.