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How to Setup/Modify a Call Center

  1. Log into the following  
  2. Click on Services 
  3. Choose the Sub-menu Call Center
  4. Click on the drop-down arrow next to Call Center to expand the 4 options (Queue, Agent, Reason Code and Tally Code) 
  5. Queue 
    1. Choose the Queue to edit or click Add Queue
    2. Once you choose a Queue you can change the call flow/delivery settings for the Queue as well as Add and Remove Agents to this Queue 
  6. Agents
    1. Choose the Agent you would like to edit or click New Agent 
    2. Once you choose an Agent you can change the settings for the Agent
  7. Reason Codes
    1. Choose the Reason Code 0 through 9 and edit the name the click save 
  8. Tally Codes
    1. Choose the Tally Code 1 through 10 and edit the name the click save 
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