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Rich Ainey


Senior Technical Consultant

rich ainey
Describe your role for our community

My role as a Senior Technical Consultant is to work with customers to assess what they are looking for in a solution. We want to list out their needs and wants to put a solution together that meets that criteria. I act as a liaison between the customer and our technical folks to create a solution that meets the customer’s requirements along with their budget. My primary focus is to make sure we create a partnership with our customers that is second to none.

What attracted you to ComTec?

As a previous customer of ComTec, I was always impressed with their focus on their customers and the solution. Many other companies are simply looking to sell you a product and hope to get another sale. ComTec is focused on developing a partnership with the customer, no matter if we can sell them a solution or not. The company size allows for agility and flexibility to match the solution to the customer’s criteria. Unlike larger companies, we can take the time to work through the solution requirements and develop a solution that addresses those requirements.

What experience prepared you for your role here?

I have a diverse background of networking, VOIP, collaboration, contact center, and many other skills that I have learned from working in various roles. From installing and supporting phone systems to servicing customers calling into a help desk to configuring contact center call flows, I get to pair my technical background with my business knowledge to create solutions for our customers.

Which Core Value is most important to you and why?

Integrity is the most important core value for me. No matter what I take on in my personal life or career, everything I do needs to be done with integrity. This stems from my background of being an Eagle Scout through Boy Scouts of America, growing up and working in a family owned grocery store, and helping to run both of my daughter’s Girl Scout troops. Integrity is one of those items that may not always be publicly acknowledged or recognized, but that is the exact reason it is the most important core value to me.