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Trish Korte


Logistics & Business Operations Coordinator

Describe your role for our community.

I support the ComTec team by bringing direct support to procurement, warehouse/shipping, conversions, customer support, and the project intake process. I ensure that all data needed to run the company is correct and easily accessible, and that all processes and procedures are being followed and are in line with what the company needs to efficiently operate.

What attracted you to ComTec?

I really value the collaboration and professional development opportunities that ComTec provides for all employees. They want everyone to achieve both their professional, and personal goals, and they support you through the whole journey. ComTec continuously emphasizes that we’re all on the same team and prioritizes everyone’s thoughts and skills.

What experience prepared you for your role here?

Most of my professional background is in the food industry, managing warehouses and inventory. I’m eager to use my experience in fast paced and busy environments to keep ComTec propelling forward.

Which Core Value is most important to you and why?

The core value that I identify most with is collaborative. I believe a team can’t succeed without working together and using everyone’s strengths to outweigh their weaknesses. When a team works together, the customer receives the best service possible and the employees feel a sense of purpose.