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Zak Semmes


Technical Support Representative

zak semmes

Describe Your Role for Our Community.

As a Support Technician I facilitate the first line of communication for customers issues.  I then relay this information to our team to troubleshoot answers to the issue.

What Attracted You to ComTec?

I came from a prior position that was fairly detached from communication and focus.  With ComTec I immediately noticed the small communicative environment which emphasized teamwork.  These aspects coupled with a desire to expand technical prowess are what attracted me.

What Experience Prepared You for Your Role Here?

Prior to my position with ComTec, I worked as a Technical Support Representative for Copart, where I emphasized customer communication and technical support. The customer experiences I managed during this time helped prepare me for my current position here.

Which Core Value Is Most Important to You and Why?

I would say being Reflective is the Core Value I would value the most.  To focus on constant improvement on oneself and allowing yourself to be reflective allows ComTec to be focused on future improvements not only for the company, but for everyone who works here.