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Cost Reduction
ComTec & SRHO Join Forces


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Philadelphia, PA –ComTec Consulting (, announced a strategic partnership to provide its innovative telecom and energy services to SRHO’s representative hospitals and medical providers across the United States, ultimately helping to increase profitability, efficiency, and patient satisfaction.

SRHO – The National Association (“SRHO”) ( is a consortium of Strategic Regional Healthcare Organizations established in 2017 with the goal of creating a national organization to produce value among individual regional SRHOs that were previously not connected by providing one source of information and support to address their unique challenges.

Mark Tribbett, Chief Executive Officer at SRHO, said, “Our partnership with ComTec Consulting allows our health system Affiliates to dramatically reduce the cost of major line-item expenses such as energy and telecom and to realize those savings within weeks of initial engagement without out-of-pocket costs or disruption to operations. We are extremely pleased with the initial results produced by ComTec which has exceeded expectations. In addition, we are excited about ComTec’s Unified Communications technologies which can assist our Members to more efficiently engage with patients through Artificial Intelligence and faster information flow which will increase patient satisfaction and health system revenue.”

“ComTec is thrilled to join SRHO in the mission to help its members realize next-level strategic cost reductions and better patient experiences” said Michael Dalia, President of ComTec Consulting. “Our initial engagements with two of the hospital systems have produced over 35% savings and permanent, multi-million-dollar cost reductions from just their cellular invoices alone, with only a few hours of hospital staff time required. ComTec’s services are a perfect fit for healthcare due to the speed and ease of implementation and because they significantly reduce costs or increase revenues with no capital expenditure.”

About SRHO – The National Association:

SRHO (, representing nearly 400 Hospitals and Health Care Systems, was created to assist regional SRHOs in the advancement of their common interests, to develop regional or national markets to create the scale required to achieve next-level strategic cost reductions and to design the fundamental building blocks to manage risk and improve quality of care all while sustaining their organizational autonomy.

About ComTec Consulting:

ComTec Consulting ( ) is leading the way into new enterprise markets by achieving substantial bottom line savings, enhanced productivity, and increased profitability for our clients without disrupting their day-to-day operations. Our Energy and Telecom Cost Reduction Services and Technology Solutions do not require Capex investment by the client and there are never any up- front costs. With over $700 Million of total client savings, 47% of growth driven by referrals, and a 98.7% client retention rate, ComTec Consulting is quickly becoming the top choice for enterprise businesses in the US.