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Salesforce – why fire them?

What if the way you’ve been operating your company has been wrong all along? I have always felt the word, “sales,” has a negative implication; that the person is trained in reversals and conversion techniques. The reality is no one wants to be sold… they want to be consulted. Sales has transformed and it’s time to recognize the change.

I went to my chiropractor the other day with major neck issues. We did x-rays, CAT scans, and then we reviewed my options. Some options were short term, some were long term, and some were costly. At no point did the doctor stop and say, “Hey, Mike… I need to get you a salesperson now that I know the amount you are willing to spend.” He simply maintained his position as an expert and presented the best options and let me make the ultimate decision.

At ComTec, we have taken a bold step forward by reimagining our workforce and client interactions. Recognizing the limitations and drawbacks of the traditional sales approach, our company made a conscious decision to eliminate the concept of a salesperson and instead cultivate a team of seasoned consultants. These consultants, often senior or enterprise-level tech experts, serve as customer advisors rather than sales agents.

Unlike the traditional model where salespeople are incentivized to push products or services, our consultants are driven by a commitment to customer care and expertise. By removing the sales pressure and adopting a consultative stance, our company has empowered its team members to provide objective and insightful advice that guides clients in making informed decisions. This shift has led to a relationship of trust and credibility between ComTec and our clients.

I am often surrounded by other business owners and CEO’s, who all say the same thing, “I would grow if I just had good salespeople.” Really, is that your problem? A sports team that makes it to the Super Bowl doesn’t say, “If I just had the best quarterback, I’d win,” …right? There is always a strategy, process, playbook, and a keen sense for which players best meet the position and work best in the strategy that is designed.

Stick to Your Playbook

To achieve success in the consulting field, having a well-structured playbook is essential. Similar to a sports playbook, a business playbook serves as a strategic blueprint, a plan, and a set of guidelines to be consistently followed, adjusted, refined, and executed. As you gain a deep understanding of your playbook and how your teams align with the strategies you’ve crafted, you’re on the path to constructing an effective consulting team. It’s important to emphasize the concept of a “team” here because building a thriving company is not achievable by merely hiring individuals to perform multiple tasks. Each team member should possess specific responsibilities, a unique skillset, and clear objectives that seamlessly integrate into a well-defined process. When each team member successfully executes their designated objectives, the entire process runs smoothly.

What I frequently observe is companies hiring individuals based on their qualifications but ultimately parting ways with them due to their character and fit within the organization. What do I mean by this? Firstly, you’re not recruiting someone based solely on their academic credentials, as there’s no university degree exclusively for sales. Instead, you’re seeking expertise, a compatible personality, a strong drive, and a sense of ambition. An individual who embodies these qualities not only fosters trust and honesty but also demonstrates the capability to excel in their role.

The Art of Consultation

At the core of ComTec’s transformation lies a fundamental shift in approach — moving from sales pitches to consultative conversations. Our consultants engage with clients to thoroughly understand their needs, challenges, and goals. Armed with this understanding, they offer a range of options tailored to meet the client’s specific requirements. This approach reframes the conversation from a transactional exchange to a collaborative partnership aimed at finding the best-fit solutions.

The company’s role is that of a professional services firm. Consultants provide expert opinions on various strategies, from maintaining the status quo to making strategic investments. By aligning solutions with the client’s budget and needs, ComTec adds genuine value to the decision-making process.

Industry-Wide Implications

ComTec Systems has achieved a momentous transformation, transitioning from a sales-centric organization to a consultancy-oriented firm. This milestone represents a significant breakthrough in the business landscape. By adopting a consultative approach, our company has illuminated a path toward a more customer-centric and value-driven way of conducting business. This transformation not only yields advantages for ComTec and our valued clients but also serves as an inspiring precedent for other industries to reconsider their conventional sales methodologies.

Departing from the conventional sales paradigm, ComTec has discarded the traditional beliefs that salespeople are the sole drivers of increased revenue. In a world where traditional sales strategies have long prevailed, we are at the forefront of change, pioneering a fresh approach that challenges industry norms and it is a refreshing change that is fostering higher client retention and a happier more productive consultation team.

Happy consulting!

-Mike Vertolli
CEO & President, ComTec Systems