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From Farm to Tech: ComTec Systems’ Origin


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Michael Vertolli, CEO of ComTec Systems, traces his entrepreneurial journey back to the values instilled during his childhood on his family's farm. Prioritizing farm duties before school and extracurricular activities, Vertolli honed exceptional mechanical and trade skills, distinguishing himself in his hometown. In 1988, during his senior year at a high school in Vineland, New Jersey, Vertolli entered the technology industry. Initiating his journey at Bell Atlantic, he installed mobile car phones as a teenager, fueling his passion for telecommunications services. This hands-on experience involved installing devices in companies and cars during a pre-internet and pre-cell phone era. Following the closure of his stepfather's farm and his mother's job loss at the local elementary school, Vertolli opted for entrepreneurship over formal education. Collaborating with his mother, they leveraged their combined skills to establish a telecommunications company, expanding their team with former Bell Atlantic co-workers. Attracting clients familiar with Vertolli's work marked the start of ComTec Systems. Over three decades, ComTec embraced technological evolution with a "failing forward" culture, taking calculated risks. Specializing in customer and patient experience solutions, telecommunications, and voice/data transport, the company navigated the challenges of a dynamicMike Vertolli ComTec origin industry. This resilience and innovation proved crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic, as ComTec not only survived but thrived, experiencing a remarkable 30% growth. Rooted in hardworking farming practices, ComTec earned a stellar regional reputation, maintaining a 99% client retention rate. Building on its origins, ComTec Systems moved on to achieve more remarkable milestones in telecommunications and IT management. The company's commitment to innovation and strategic foresight is evident in its most recent nine-time recognition on the Inc. 5000 list. ComTec has evolved into a national force, extending its footprint beyond regional boundaries. This expansion has included a consistent increase in team member headcount, attracting top talent to fuel its ambitious growth. A hallmark of ComTec's success lies in cultivating relationships with an ever-expanding customer base, including numerous enterprise-level clients. As the company's offerings continue to evolve, ComTec strategically embraces enterprise-level solutions, solidifying its position as an industry leader. This commitment to staying ahead of technological trends and addressing evolving customer needs is why ComTec has earned a place among the fastest-growing enterprises in the United States. Looking ahead, ComTec Systems is prepared for continued success, with a focus on innovation, customer satisfaction, and strategic growth. The company, a beacon of entrepreneurship and adaptability, continues to shape the future of telecommunications on a national scale.