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Unified Communications and COVID-19: A Period of Transitions


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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of daily life, and work is no exception. As companies abruptly transition to working remotely, many are struggling to solve the communication challenges that come with an inability to interact in person.

However, just because work life is more dispersed geographically doesn’t mean that communication should be any less efficient. In fact, many organizations are already taking advantage of tools that make it easy to replicate, if not improve, how businesses communicate.

While a lot of businesses will experience disruptions during this time, it’s a great opportunity to reset and reconsider your options. Being proactive about your communication needs enables you to emerge from the crisis ready to transform how you do business.

The Current Moment: Transitioning to Remote

Unless your employees are among the 3.7 million individuals in the U.S. who worked remotely before the pandemic, they’re probably adjusting to the logistical and cultural shift of working from home.

For workers who are used to huddling around a whiteboard or a conference table, this change can be challenging. While some companies are turning to free software like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, these solutions can’t replicate all the typical office functions your team may be used to.

For companies that still use on-premise s computer and phone systems, making sure workers have the equipment they need to do their jobs adds another challenge. Most work phones are tied to an office network that workers can’t connect to off-premises., and picking up a PC tower and bringing it home isn’t practical either.

It’s true that some businesses may experience reduced productivity and added expenses during the COVID-19 crisis. However, the right communications partner can help you not only adapt to the current moment, but also increase your scalability and efficiency moving forward.

What’s Next…

As companies gradually settle into this new way of doing business, many will be seeking tools to help them return to some kind of status quo. However, thinking more proactively about the solutions available could help take your communication strategies to the next level.

NicheFree software like Zoom and Microsoft Teams offer good stopgap measures for dealing with the crisis. But these platforms don’t offer many of the features or functions a business needs to succeed. They also don’t have the compatibility to integrate with industry-leading tools.

Even more importantly, partnering with the wrong communications company could slow down your transformation. While transitioning from an on-premises communication system offers numerous benefits, it also involves installation, training, and ongoing support that larger brands can’t provide.

Your strategy should take into account not only how you’ll weather the current crisis, but also how you want your communication to function once business operations return to normal.

…And How to Get There

At ComTec, we’re used to thinking a few steps ahead when it comes to communication. While any business can sell you tools and managed services, none can match our white-glove service and support.

As part of our commitment to exceptional service, we provide every customer with a fully-dedicated team on the ground. In a collaborative, end-to-end process, we carefully consider your unique needs and facilitate your transition to a more efficient, scalable system.

In addition to providing the training, maintenance, and support you need to transform your business’s communicationsVOIP solutions, our services offer a range of benefits you’ll need for this moment and beyond:

Mass Notification

The pandemic has emphasized the importance of being able to transmit messages efficiently and dependably. Through our partnership with Layered Solutions, our ALERT™ tool lets you send both direct messages and public announcements, helping you ensure safety and security for everyone who passes through your doors.

Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence allows you to streamline previously time-consuming and error-prone tasks. The AI-powered call recording of our iConnectCCM platform routes callers to the exact representative they need to speak with, enabling more efficient and cost-effective call queuing.

Industry-Specific Platforms

ComTec’s solutions are tailored to your specific industry. Whether you work at a hospital, a school, or an enterprise business, our robust range of UCaaS and voice services are fine-tuned to meet your particular needs and integrate with industry-leading tools. See how our iConnectRX platform helped one hospital raise revenue and cut costs in this case study.

While the COVID-19 pandemic may disrupt how you do business today, companies that focus on the big picture can emerge from the crisis communicating more efficiently and cost-effectively. At ComTec, in addition to helping facilitate your transition to working remotely, we’ll also help you transform your communication process for the digital age.