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Enhancing Efficiency and Patient Satisfaction with ComTec Systems Contact Center



Client Background

A Philadelphia-based top-ten hospital system with over 60 locations recognized the need to modernize its communication infrastructure to enhance operational efficiency and elevate patient  satisfaction. With a vision to become a healthcare leader in the Philadelphia region, the organization sought solutions from ComTec Systems, a trusted provider of innovative communication solutions tailored to the healthcare industry.


The hospital system faced operational challenges stemming from an outdated legacy phone system. Inefficiencies in call management, appointment setting, and patient onboarding were exacerbated by staffing redundancies across sites and a lack of clear upgrade paths. To remain competitive and meet rising patient expectations, the organization urgently needed to modernize its communication infrastructure.


ComTec Systems, renowned for its expertise in healthcare communication solutions, was approached by the hospital system to address their challenges. Understanding the intricacies of the healthcare industry, ComTec meticulously evaluated solutions and proposed iConnectZX™, a cutting-edge contact center solution, tailored specifically to the healthcare institutions’ unique requirements. In a field with other top 5 UCaaS providers in the US, ComTec Systems distinguished itself. Integrated specific applications addressed hospitals’ unique challenges, providing advanced reporting structures
and metrics. Furthermore, ComTec’s White Glove service ensured seamless implementation with customized training, all without requiring capital expenditure, setting it apart from others.

Key Features of iConnectZX™:

iConnectZX™ offered a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline operations, enhance staff productivity, and elevate patient experiences. Key functionalities included:

  • Centralized intake capabilities for seamless communication management.
  • Prioritized call management to minimize response times and enhance efficiency.
  • Customizable reporting provides valuable insights into call volumes and staff performance.

Phased Implementation Approach

ComTec understood the importance of a smooth transition for the hospital system’s employees and operations. To mitigate disruption, they devised a phased implementation approach for  iConnectZX™. This method prioritized minimal disruption to daily operations while gradually introducing new features and capabilities, ensuring seamless adaptation, and maximizing user adoption.


Following the successful implementation of iConnectZX™, the hospital system witnessed a remarkable transformation in operational efficiency and service delivery. Leveraging advanced call management features, the organization optimized staffing levels, reduced wait times, and minimized call abandonment rates. Real-time reporting and analytics provided actionable insights, empowering staff to make data-driven decisions and improve overall performance. As a result, the organization experienced a significant increase in patient satisfaction scores, solidifying its position as a healthcare leader in the region.

Client Quote

“Having a financial arm like ComTec has was critical for our organization to leverage their financing and their technical resources to help us launch this product. And the results have been outstanding, and they continue to be a phenomenal partner for us to this day.”

-According to the hospital system’s CFO