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How ComTec Consulting Cut Health System’s Cellular Costs by $866,000




A teaching hospital faced significant financial challenges due to rising costs associated with their existing agreement with one of the major cellular carriers. With 8,900 employees and 4,100 devices, they were spending a staggering $2.4 million annually on their cellular agreement.

They desperately wanted to find a solution that would reduce expenses without sacrificing quality or service.


This hospital discovered cellular spend was becoming a common financial challenge in the industry, and were introduced to Michael Dalia, President of ComTec Consulting.

ComTec quickly analyzed the hospital’s existing contract to identify opportunities to reduce costs without compromising service quality. Within two weeks, our team completed the analysis and presented a plan that would save the hospital 36% of their annual cellular spend, an annual savings of $866,000.

The plan did not require any changes to the carrier or contract terms and no new equipment was needed. Instead, using proprietary technology and its industry knowledge, ComTec replaced rate plans the carrier had assigned to the hospital with lower cost plans that were unknown to the hospital or their carrier representative.

Cost savings were implemented quickly. For ease of transition, the reduction in costs became effective in their next billing cycle.


The entire process, including realization of savings, was completed within 30 days of engagement with ComTec.

There were no negotiations required with the carrier and no downtime or disruptions to hospital operations


Our client only had to invest four hours of their time – one hour to provide invoices, one hour to analyze documents, and a few hours to read through and approve the plan.

This minimal time investment on their part allowed us to do all the heavy lifting, and the result was a significant return on investment that exceeded expectations.

The health system was able to retain their existing carrier, and there were no changes to their existing agreement.

At a Glance

  • 36% savings on annual cellular spend
  • $866,000 annual savings
  • 4,100 cellular devices on contract


“Let us provide you a free savings analysis for your telecom and energy spend. There is no risk to find out how much you can save and there is minimal time required.”

Michael Dalia President, ComTec Consulting