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Elevating Telecomunications Excellence for Land O’Frost


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Like many successful manufacturing companies, the Land O’ Frost leadership team faced growing demands for better communication systems. Their customers, internal employees and IT team were frustrated by the lack of functionality in their Skype for Business UCaaS solution. Their multi-facility locations needed better on-premise communications for their workers and the rising number of dropped calls was impacting their bottom line. Their on-premise Skype for Business UCaaS solution had failed to grow with the company and did not integrate with their Microsoft Teams application, which had become the centerpiece of their communications strategy. In addition, the Land O’ Frost team was forced into quick action because of the discontinuation of the Skype service.

Land O’ Frost employs over 600 workers, including many remote and shift workers who share devices. They have six locations. They have security systems controlling access to their buildings that need to be accessed remotely. They have a lean IT team.

When the Land O’ Frost leadership team realized their internal IT team needed outside support to navigate a successful transition to Microsoft Teams, they reached out to ComTec because of their reputation for having a proven methodology, a comprehensive communication platform and for their ability to design seamless integrations with Microsoft Teams with many external systems.

ComTec Systems, using their iConnect2Teams solution, worked with the Land O’ Frost IT Team to provide a precisely crafted Microsoft Teams resolution in a timely manner that integrated not only their voice communications, but the management of their on premise employee paging systems and their security systems. This approach alleviated the workload on IT department resources for the upfront design and implementation plan for this major conversion and provided the company, and its customers, a truly unified communication platform.

A Natural Fit

ComTec Systems becoming Land O’ Frost’s trusted telecommunications partner was facilitated through ComTec’s collaboration with one of its partners, PCS. The ComTec Systems’ partnership program provides its partners, like PCS, the infrastructure and resources to implement and support their clients unified communication needs.

John DiLuia, Director of Information Technology at Land O’ Frost, had these comments about working with ComTec Systems, ”While TEAMS provided a great collaborative environment for Land O’ Frost, our voice services were unreliable and expensive to manage. We also needed to find a solution to land all of our calls (inside and outside) since the TEAMS solution didn’t appear to be purpose-built for voice.

ComTec’s team engaged with Land O’ Frost to understand our problems, build a solution plan and work together with our IT team to implement. ComTec’s solution to this point has been reliable and cost-effective. Their support team has been attentive and responsive.” ComTec System’s deep understanding of both the telecommunications landscape and the Microsoft Teams environment allowed Land O’ Frost to utilize Teams as the backbone for their communication systems. Using their iConnect2Teams platform, ComTec Systems provided a custom solution, integrating not only voice, but complex security and audio systems within the Microsoft Teams environment. The ability of ComTec Systems to create and support a unified communication platform, tailored to the exact needs of the Land O’ Frost team, made ComTec Systems the ideal partner.

ComTec System’s Edge

What distinguished the ComTec Systems unified communication plan (UCaaS) from other perspective service providers for Land O’ Frost?

  • Expedited Installation: ComTec Systems’ commitment to expedited installation. This ensured that Land O’ Frost would transition to a more efficient telecommunications system on a confirmed timeline and with less risk.
  • Intricate Integrations: Land O’ Frost, like most manufacturing companies, required meticulous and custom integrations across the Microsoft Teams environment. ComTec Systems was able to tailor a solution that securely connected the six Land O’ Frost facilities. ComTec Systems played a vital role in designing the Land O’ Frost telecommunications strategy for the present and future.
  • Unwavering Commitment to Delivering on Promises: ComTec Systems backed their promises with unwavering commitment. They didn’t just promise solutions; they delivered them, exceeding Land O’ Frost’s expectations.


The impact of ComTec Systems’ partnership with Land O’ Frost went far beyond resolving the technical issues of a phone system replacement. Instead, a comprehensive unified communication plan was designed and delivered that made an impact on the whole company.

  • Liberating IT Teams: Land O’ Frost’s IT team was burdened with the complexities of managing the outdated and convoluted Skype for Business UCaaS phone system. Support ticket tracking, call routing issues, and missing features created a constant stream of challenges for the IT team that often went unresolved, leaving everyone frustrated, especially clients. Keeping the current system working, while at the same time designing a new system for the future was not possible without the ComTec Systems partnership. With ComTec’s tailored iConnect2Teams solution in place, the IT Team could now direct their focus towards strategic IT projects, confident their telecommunications were in the hands of experts.

As a result of ComTec Systems’ comprehensive solution, the customer satisfaction ratings for the IT Team soared. This was not just about improving telecommunications; it was about transforming the entire telecommunications experience for Land O’ Frost employees and clients.

  • Missed Calls Reduction: Land O’ Frost recognized missed calls equate to missed revenue opportunities. Prior to engaging with ComTec Systems, Land O’ Frost grappled with an escalating missed call rate that loomed as a potential financial risk. Every call needed to be handled efficiently, and every piece of the telecommunications puzzle had to fit together seamlessly to ensure the company’s continued success.

Without a dedicated call center, precise call routing was imperative to direct incoming calls to the right individuals or departments. ComTec Systems provided a tailored iConnect2Teams voice solution that included extension dialing and advanced call routing features, all integrated through the credential-based sign in through Microsoft Teams.

  • Increased Employee Satisfaction: Like many manufacturing companies Land O’ Frost faced the intricacies of accommodating shift workers with shared devices. The need was twofold: ensuring each shift had its dedicated phone extension and settings while separating user data from previous users.

ComTec Systems implemented a solution that streamlined this process. They introduced Microsoft Teams Phones for the shift workers, integrating them with the existing Polycom devices, reusing their existing phone equipment! This solution resolved the interoperability issues because the new login process was more intuitive, ensuring a unified voice experience regardless of the user or shift. Supporting shift workers has increased the hiring pool for Land O’ Frost and increased employee satisfaction and retention.

  • Integration: With six different facilities, security and employee safety were key concerns. The Land O’ Frost IT team needed the ability to manage their Valcom Security Gates and overhead paging systems remotely and from any location.

The security gates served as a critical component of the Land O’ Frost facility operations, enabling controlled access to their manufacturing floors. The paging systems served as the primary communication tool for the busy manufacturing plant in case of emergency.

ComTec Systems took a comprehensive approach, ensuring the security gates and overhead paging systems were seamlessly integrated into the Microsoft Teams application. The ability to integrate security gates, overhead paging, extension dialing, and precise call routing natively through the Teams application showcased ComTec’s dedication to detail and provided another layer of communication integration.


ComTec Systems’ approach to telecommunications solutions is comprehensive and as a result, the strategic choice for manufacturing clients like Land O’ Frost looking to upgrade their communication systems. ComTec Systems offers solutions that set the stage for businesses to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world, where the right call, at the right time, makes all the difference.