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Non-Profit Cuts Technology Costs by 20% With ComTec


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The Client

Legacy Treatment Services is a non-profit helping children and adults across New Jersey on their paths to wellness and recovery. Legacy provides crisis intervention, outpatient and addiction treatment, services for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities, out-of-home care for children and youth, residential care for adults, prevention services, and anxiety and depression treatments.

The Challenge

With 80 locations and plans for continued growth, Legacy needed a single telecommunications provider capable of offering optimized services, as well as payment through a more efficient billing platform. Additionally, while Legacy knew that savings were possible, its team lacked the experience and market intelligence to get the best services and price.

The Solution

Applying their powerful analytic tools, ComTec’s consultants examined hundreds of telecommunication lines to find savings. Combining industry knowledge with advanced, scalable technologies, the team was able to find what turned out to be a perfect combination of savings and optimization.

The Benefits

Thanks to this custom strategy, ComTec was ultimately able to cut Legacy Treatment Services’ communication bills by 20%. In addition to these considerable savings, Legacy now has a direct relationship with a company that cares about its mission and can help address any of its further technology needs.

At a Glance

  • Cost savings of 20%
  • Consolidated billing
  • New internet with faster speeds
  • Consolidated POTs lines for all locations

Client Quote

“We value partnerships like ComTec. They took the time to understand our organization. The results speak for themselves.”

Roy Leitstein, CEO, Legacy Treatment Services