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Our Customer’s Save an Average of 32%

What would you do with the extra money if you could cut your company’s cellular costs? Invest in new equipment? Expand your team? The possibilities are endless.

We can help you make this a reality with our cutting-edge cellular cost reduction solutions. Our expert team will conduct a free analysis of your company’s cellular expenses and identify areas where we can help you save. And the best part? We guarantee savings, with no commitment required.

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Better Than TEM

Typically 70% of our savings are derived from unpublished rates, leveraging unique rate structures, and utilizing promotional discounts which the carriers do not openly share in the marketplace; all aspects of our methodology which TEM does not have embedded into their software or formulas

You Stay in Control

Once ComTec presents the savings opportunity, our client has the ability to approve or reject any recommendation for any reason whatsoever, without explanation; our savings figures are based ONLY on approved recommendations for implementation

No Disruptions

None of the unpublished rates, rate structures, or promotional discounts require ANY contract negotiations; these are bench-marked and awareness driven that they exist in the marketplace and anyone that knows they exist can leverage them

Quick Results

Typically within 6 weeks from engagement we are implementing the cost savings measures with the vendor, demonstrating savings on the bill copies within 1-2 bill cycles of the project kick-off

Risk Free

Our fees are derived strictly from the savings, and it typically only takes us two weeks after we start an engagement to present the overall cost savings opportunities

Our Process

Over the course of 30 days the ComTec Consulting team will benchmark your current plans and contracts, recommend changes, and then implement approved changes.



Provide 3 months of bills and contract end dates for each carrier


ComTec completes detailed analysis and presents savings within 2 weeks


You have 15 days to review and provide all approvals


ComTec provides final cost savings within 2 days and implements changes


Client realizes savings in next billing cycle

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32% Cost Reduction

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