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Building trust with your patients, their loved ones, and caretakers is a big part of how Healthcare providers are graded, impacting revenue potential and Patient Experience.

Your Patients

Building trust with your patients, their loved ones, and caretakers is a big part of how Healthcare providers are graded, impacting revenue potential and Patient Experience.

Advanced options aimed at limited hold times and the number of steps it takes to get to the resource a patient needs.
customer support
Further improve your Patient Experience by providing position in-queue, wait times, automated call-back, and by returning a caller to the rep that handled their previous call.
AI-driven, HIPAA compliant call recording with deep analytics ensures a great Patient Experience.
Confirm appointments and take cancellation and reschedule requests without making calls that usually go to voicemail, saving your staff valuable time and letting your patients respond when convenient for them.
Enable click-to-dial from not only your website, but from Google search results, your email signature, etc.  Allow patients to bypass your IVR and Auto-Attendant, saving time and frustration.
Patient and staff safety is of utmost concern. Contact tracing, remote  temperature scanning, and emergency response capabilities reduce response times and ensure all communication paths are executed, mitigating the risk for human error.

Remote Practices

Managing and enabling a distributed workforce is a challenge most healthcare providers are facing.  ComTec provides solutions that empower staff regardless of where they are located.

forward call
Make and receive calls from laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and desk sets all while appearing to be in the office.
video call
Record both audio and video at the touch of a button, or by default.
Our flexible reporting platform allows managers to track employee activities in real-time or via scheduled reports.
traffic light
Leverage iConnect’s intuitive logic to display the availability of your workforce based on their activity level and scheduled appointments.
Set alerts that indicate when someone’s status changes, prompting the next action and saving time and resources.
video call
Enable your workforce to easily switch from voice to video, share content and collaborate with each other and clients.
Enable group chats and collaboration spaces where those teams can share files, maintain an ongoing dialogue, track tasks and next steps, etc. 
web chat
Keep your distributed workforce aware of planned and unplanned events in your facilities.

Patient Experience Center

Your patients and caretakers expect responsiveness and an efficient resolution to their requests. Organize your ability to take these requests and respond to them effectively by leveraging a Patient Experience platform that’s fully integrated with your company phone and collaboration platform

Your customers expect responsiveness and efficient resolution to their requests.  Leverage skills-based routing and last-agent routing to give them a great experience.
Decrease customer frustration by reducing clicks, questions, and wait times by leveraging our integration with your ticketing system, CRM, and EHR.
Enable your contact center supervisors, customer success managers, and business owners with unprecedented visibility into customer interaction.
Our platforms allow supervisors to interact when appropriate and in a manner most effective to both solve customer problems and ramp up agents.
video call
Our Call Recording platforms use AI to determine caller and agent sentiment, flag behaviors, and even record agent desktop usage during a call.

Facilities Manager

A large source of operational expense comes from utilities required to operate facilities.  ComTec is skilled at helping reduce and manage these services.

ComTec can cut Mobile Plan costs by 15-35% with no new contracts, no new hardware, and no disruption to service.
cloud service
Aggregate POTS, PRI, SIP, Fiber, Broadband, and more under one management team, one bill, and one NOC all while cutting operational costs.
Our Consulting team has developed a risk-free and non-disruptive practice for substantially reducing energy spend by both reducing consumption and lowering the unit cost of a kWH and therm. 
Get a complete and customizable picture of the market through our Energy Analytics Portal (EAP) to analyze usage and spending
Leverage large volumes of services to manage the bidding process and structure prices
ComTec’s ALERT platform adds a layer of control and automation over existing CCTV, Fire, Access Control, and more.  Drastically reduce reaction times and the chance for human error in emergencies without a large investment.
security camera
Leverage ComTec USA’s Security Camera solutions to ensure you have full visibility over your facilities.

Reception Desk

By welcoming employees, patients, and others into your facility, both virtually and physically, your reception desk is often the holder of that critical first impression. 

Offer purpose-built options for enabling the person who answers the phone. Park keys, easy transfers, and building-to-building paging are just a few examples of how you can get that caller to their destination quickly.
Granting access to your building, unfortunately, cannot just be assumed these days.  ComTec’s ALERT provides social distancing, contact tracing, and remote temperature scanning capabilities.