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Custom Networking & Connectivity Solutions at Enterprise Scale

Transporting information — whether it’s voice, data, or video – is the lifeline for almost every organization. ComTec’s expertise and commitment to client satisfaction help you define and achieve your communication goals. From installing dedicated fiber to managing disaster recovery, we help you develop and maintain an efficient, reliable network.

Whether you are a local organization looking to expand bandwidth, a multi-location facility trying to improve connectivity, or an enterprise account seeking out disaster recovery services, ComTec’s commitment to exceptional customer service can help you achieve your goals.

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ComTec can design, install, and maintain high-quality circuits to improve your premise infrastructure. Custom-fitted for your budget and needs, our on-site solutions are your connection to the outside world, ensuring that your network functions reliably, efficiently, and scalably.

SIP Trunking

ComTec’s SIP trunking services are built to integrate with existing NEC, Avaya, Mitel, and other systems to allow for a level of flexibility and scalability that premise-based phone systems can’t achieve on their own.


A forward-thinking protocol for application-based routing, SD-WAN (software-defined wide access network) enables you to run cloud-based applications while ensuring the integrity of your users’ security and experience.

VoIP Technology Meets Future

VoIP technology is virtually ready to meet future standards for voice communication and various additional services, whether via cloud or SIP trunking services. It is less expensive and more valuable to businesses than traditional landlines. Companies are being compelled to embrace VoIP as soon as possible due to the impending shutdown of the PSTN in various countries.

Disaster recovery services

Yet, business continuity or disaster recovery is a component that is usually overlooked. Many businesses are accustomed to having their landlines operational during emergencies and natural disasters. As a result, many people need to be made aware of the potential risks of not having a backup for voice communication in the event of an unforeseen catastrophe.

There are other types of catastrophes besides disasters. Little difficulties with the software, Internet connectivity, or a power outage could all impact your SIP boot or VoIP service. In addition, many businesses know they can continue using hosted VoIP phone systems in various locations. However, only some suppliers offer backup plans and minimal competence in disaster recovery strategies regarding SIP trunking.

Emergency Response from SIP Trunk Providers

Businesses must consider two alternative situations to secure company continuity:

● A disaster strikes the company
● A disaster strikes the VoIP provider

More significant natural disasters, such as earthquakes or hurricanes, may occasionally put your organization at risk of disaster, affecting both the firm and the VoIP vendor. Companies must be prepared to deal with every event that may emerge. Preparation and planning are the keys to working even in a catastrophe.

Wrapping up

Even if previous occurrences were within the company’s control, disaster recovery measures must also be in place on the vendor’s end. What happens if the provider has a problem that prevents your company from making calls? Although data centers are commonly used to provide SIP trunking and disaster recovery services, many providers do not invest in redundant infrastructure. Business continuity and disaster recovery are only considered once a calamity strikes. Preparation and preparedness are essential for surviving unharmed, whether for people, IT systems, or voice infrastructure.

Additional Services

No matter the size or needs of your business, you can leverage ComTec Cloud’s services, expertise, and commitment to client satisfaction to achieve your goals.

Private Line Service
Link multiple locations together with dedicated connectivity.

Optical Networking
Deploy high speed synchronous connectivity for mission-critical applications.

4G LTE Broadband
Leverage the cellular network for backup connectivity or quick turn-up.

Deploy a managed multi-location business network.

Dark Fiber
Light up your own connectivity where control is most crucial.

Dedicated Internet
Take advantage of robust, cost-effective business-class internet.

Network Based Security
Protect your network with an advanced solution.

Use high-speed internet suitable for backup and best-effort environments.

Fixed Wireless
Connect difficult locations wirelessly.

Enhanced Communication
Enables Growth

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