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Delivering a Customer Experience and employee collaboration platform that will drive revenue for your organization

ComTec’s enterprise-grade unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and phone systems can transform how your business communicates. From in-website chat to automated text messaging to uninterrupted call transfers, we provide the tools you need to increase customer satisfaction and improve your bottom line.

Whether you need just a few solutions or a complete overhaul, we’ve crafted packages that provide all-in-one services tailored to your industry. Improve your business’s scalability, reliability, and security and give your employees and customers new options for how to communicate – all while freeing yourself from the burden of on-premise infrastructure.


Deployed as either a browser-based client or desktop app, iConnectZX enables your staff with an easy-to-use unified communications (UC) application that brings together voice, video, instant messaging (IM), and more. Control your staffing, triage incoming calls, and grow your business with solutions that revolutionize your day-to-day operations.


Leveraging our partnership with Cisco’s powerful BroadSoft platform iConnectCCM is designed for mid-market to enterprise organizations.  With integrations built into hundreds of CRM and Service Desk platforms, real time AI-enabled call monitoring and recording, and hundreds more features, iConnectCCM is a key piece of any digital transformation.

Microsoft Teams Voice

Regardless of how your organization chooses to leverage Teams, ComTec has the experience to make sure your organization is taken care of.


Enhanced Communication Enables Growth

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What does it take for businesses to benefit from unified communications solutions?

Unified communications (UC) integrates multiple communication and technology systems, such as instant messaging, texting, video conferencing, email, and file sharing. By harnessing the power of UCs tools, companies can leverage the latest technologies to bring their employees closer and streamline collaboration.

ComTec offers a UCaaS and phone system platform to facilitate business communications with enterprise-grade unified communications.

Importance of unified communication and collaboration for business

It is an essential asset for any business as it helps to streamline processes, increase visibility and insights across different departments, improve customer service, and ultimately drive growth. UC&C also allows organizations to bring multiple stakeholders—internal teams, customers, and partners—together in one place, allowing faster decision-making and increased collaboration.

Recent technological advances have made the ability to interact with each other regardless of location increasingly crucial for enabling effective collaboration among teams.

Additionally, unified communications and collaborations can help organizations better use resources by utilizing cloud-based systems that require fewer hardware investments.

What are the different tools of enterprise-grade unified communications?

These tools facilitate reliable, high-quality, and secure audio/video conferencing, voice/video messaging, collaboration, teleconferencing, and video conferencing. These tools can be used for internal and external communication and remote meetings.

The core components are VoIP phone systems or Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Each component can be integrated to provide an enhanced user experience and state-of-the-art features like Caller ID, Call Waiting/Holding, Multi-line appearances, and call routing.

Furthermore, these same components can help businesses streamline their digital transformation processes by providing an intelligent automation layer that helps reduce manual efforts while increasing customer service responsiveness.

This powerful combination allows businesses greater control over their operations, especially when monitoring customer trends or ensuring regulatory compliance in an ever-changing landscape.

Wrapping up

We at ComTec, have created various packages to provide comprehensive services tailored to your industry. Our solutions enable scalability, reliability, and security for your business, providing new options for communication. Moreover, we free you from the need to have an on-premise infrastructure.