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Equipping schools with the tools they need.

Cumberland County Technology Education Center needed a better way to communicate with parents both daily and in emergencies. Learn how we helped them achieve this.

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Serve parents, students & staff more effectively.

When it comes to education, ComTec has remained at the forefront of solutions for the education field. Working with our iConnect EDU™ platform you will receive full benefits of ComTec’s telecom and Mass Notifications, all in one. Whether your school is in need of a new telecom system or security system, ComTec will work to find the solution that best fits the needs of your school. Reach out to us for a free consultation to find out how we can help your school.

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An all in one VoIP solution for schools & educators.

Whether you’re looking for a new school phone system or integratd security system, we can help. Our VoIP for Education platform includes all the features you’ll need to manage communications between parents, students, and staff. Plus, it’s backed by ComTec, leading industry professionals in telecommunications.

ALERT™ Portal

Portal for electronic system control, accessible by PC, mobile device and using phone handsets.

Video Conferencing

The system comes with parent, teacher and staff video conferencing, screen share, with animation controls.

Access Control Integration

If an emergency is triggered, the system can lock all card access and can trigger the police and fire alarm.

Public Address

Authorized users can make announcements through the phone speakers in each room, as well as through the integrated paging system.

Mobile Phone App

Enables authorized staff to send notifications to groups within seconds, and even require acknowledgment or reply.

SMS Notification System

Authorized staff can broadcast messages via SMS to registered user groups.

Integrated applications:

  • General paging / Bell Dismissals with Existing Speakers and iConnectEDU™ IP Phone Devices
  • Prerecorded emergency announcement
  • Emergency Lock Down / Notification from IP sets and Mobile
  • Fire alarm notification integrated with LED alerts, TV, and Signage
  • Live and prerecorded emergency announcements
  • Event-based door entry and card access integration.
  • Two way radio interoperability with announcements and pre-announcement tones

iConnect EDU™ standard features:

  • Parent Teacher Video Conferencing
  • Remote Desktop Control
  • Team Collaboration Tools
  • Call Center with reporting
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Soft Phones
  • Presence / Chat
  • Paging / Intercom Control

Additional features:

  • Text to speech engine
  • Multi-level notification to parents, teachers, and students
  • Mobile notification through mobile applications
  • Unlimited time and event schedules Screen-pop notification to desktop users
  • Google Earth visual touch points for real-time notification to target locations
  • Unlimited users
  • Cloud-based secure and scalable
  • Prerecorded audio messages and tones
  • Door entry control
  • Ability to receive CAP (Common Alert Protocol) messages for emergency notification

Everything your school needs. Even in emergencies.

Next generation education communication tools start with the iConnectEDU™ platform. This Unified Communications platform is specifically tailored to the needs of schools and campuses for advanced forms of notification. In addition, the add-on ALERT licenses equip your facility with cloud-based technology that can help your school better communicate with parents, teachers, and students. These Advanced Layered Emergency Response Tools or ALERT licenses allow you to have a sole source for monitoring events and controlling the messaging from an easy to use portal. In the event of an emergency, you have easy access to initiate a lockdown and communicate simultaneously via signage, access control, screen pops and mobile application push notifications. If safety, security, and mass notification is a top priority, then the iConnectEDU™ platform is the perfect choice.

Benefits of iConnectEDU

  • Telecom System and Mass Notification all in one solution.
  • Can replace parent-teacher and school notifications for real-time communication
  • School delays and closing can be immediately delivered to apps
  • School updates for events and special meetings can be delivered in real-time
  • Single click mass notification and event management platform
  • Reuse your existing infrastructure
  • Cloud-based and scalable
  • No usage fees

“We have done a great deal of research on the technology options for this solution. ComTec’s integrated mass notification system combined with Sonitrol’s security and safety offering has delivered the community a state of the art platform that has exceeded all expectations.”

Gene Mercoli
Business Administrator of Cumberland County Technology Education Center

voice solutions

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