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Futureproof your communications with a scalable, flexible system.

Amida Care is one of the US’ largest health care plans. They had an aging platform at risk of crippling downtime. We set them up with a new solution able to grow with them, and installed it in a single weekend with no downtime. Learn how.

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Made to grow with you.

Whether you’re running a 10-person medical practice or a 200-person hospital, staying in touch with your staff through clear and fast communication is necessary to maintain success. Communication throughout your office is important, but so is patient retention. Our iConntect RX™ platform can manage both for you. iConnect RX™ features all the following benefits: patient appointment reminders, after-hours physician notification, patient call queuing with real-time statistics, EMR/HER software integration, mobile nursing, telemedicine/remote patient, and networking of remote offices. We offer the best phone systems for doctors offices, medical offices, & hospitals. So whether you’re looking for a simple phone system for your medical office, or a fully-integrated, robust UCaaS system, we can help.

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An all in one UCaaS solution for medical offices.

Looking for medical practice UCaaS solution for your organization? We believe that when it comes to phone systems, networking & UCaaS solutions, one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we created iConntect RX™. It includes everything you need to run an effective phone system at your medical office or hospital.

Patient Appointment Reminders

Improve scheduling and eliminate no shows with automated appointment reminders without the need for an additional service.

After-Hours Physician Notification

Eliminate the need for answering services with after-hours emergency notification. Patients can leave messages on the regular office line, which can be forwarded to the on call doctor. Time limits and notification hierarchies ensure someone will always get the call!

Patient Call Queuing with Real-time Statistics

Track the number of patients on hold on your phone system in real time to better deploy scheduling resources and eliminate hang-ups to increase patient visits and avoid dissatisfaction. Historical data can also be tracked to help you plan ahead.

EMR/HER Software Integration

Fully integrate telecommunications systems with EHR and EMR software. Click to call features can turn documents and records into contact sheets that connect staff with patients, other offices, labs, and more.

Mobile Nursing w/ Instant Message

Staff can be connected from anywhere using Wi-Fi as well as cellular connectivity to make and receive office calls, as well as chat between employees.

Telemedicine/Remote Patient

We don’t believe one size fits all. Your industry has unique demands and needs, and our package is designed to meet them.

HIPAA Compliant

Our UCaaS solution is HIPAA compliant & secure, so your patient’s information remains protected.

Networking of Remote Offices

Networking locations allows for centralized scheduling and reception and eliminates the need for multiple office numbers.

Incredible Support

We’ll be here for you every step of the way to help set up, manage, and maintain your system for the life of your business.

iConnectRX™ standard features:

  •  Patient overflow automated attendant
  • Multilingual support
  • Que up call / call back
  • On-demand call recording
  • IP Faxing (HIPAA Compliant)
  • Secure internal instant messaging

Additional features:

  • Message notification and escalation
  • Electronic prescription refills with automated notifications
  • Telemedicine and collaboration
  • On-demand screen sharing
  • Automated phone system
  • Unlimited users
  • Cloud-based, secure, and scalable
  • Find me follow me for nursing and mobile staffing
  • Physician and hospital hotline
  • Integration with most hospital PBX systems for interoffice dialing

We’ve been supporting the country’s largest hospitals for 25 years.

When you have tools specially designed for the healthcare industry you can control your staffing, better triage the incoming calls and grow your practice or healthcare facility with customizable, scalable, and tailored solutions that only ComTec Cloud knows. With 25 years of experience supporting the country’s largest and most successful healthcare companies, we know what it takes to deliver precision engagement to patients, doctors, and staff so that the overall experience drives satisfaction and efficiency.

Read the case study.

Learn how we set up Amida Care, one of the US’ largest health care plans, with a UCaaS platform for their company.

Amida Care is one of the US’ largest health care plans. They had an aging platform at risk of crippling downtime. We set them up with a new solution able to grow with them, and installed it in a single weekend with no downtime. Learn how.

Case Study

“I have been in involved with many enterprise level conversions and this team of ComTec and Gain set a new bar. To port 1500 lines in a single cutover and not miss a beat was amazing and the staff of Gain and ComTec were second to none.”

Sarah Harvey
Information Service Manager, Amida Care


Answers to Your Questions

Is your system HIPAA compliant?

Yes! All your patient’s privacy and data will be protected, and the system is compliant with HIPAA standards

What If we need extra features?

While we created this platform to specifically offer everything a medical office, doctors office, or hospital might need in a UCaaS or networking solution, we’re more than happy to customize & tailor it to your organization’s exact needs.

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