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ComTec Launches Advanced Partner and Billing Platform


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Vineland, NJ – October 14th, 2020 — ComTec Systems, Inc. has seen rapid growth in their Partner Program with over 300% growth since January of 2019.  As the channel grows new demands for visibility and resources are being addressed by ComTec’s VP of Operations, Will Taylor, working in lockstep with Channel Director Brian Flaim.

“Trust is the foundation of a great partnership.  At ComTec, we believe visibility, transparency, and consistency are key elements of trust.  In 32 years of paying commissions we have never missed a payment and are always willing to dig into the details with our partners,” stated Brian Flaim. Our partners have always had access to information about services, billing, payments, and their commissions, but with the launch of our Partner Portal, that visibility is now provided real-time and self-service.”

Along with the advanced access to commissions information, ComTec’s partners are also excited about the platform’s customer-facing tools.  By enabling customers to see their billing details organized to their preferences, ComTec cuts down dramatically on invoicing questions, saving partners time and improving the customer experience.

Will Taylor notes, “Our customers have benefitted from the billing portal greatly.  The insight provided by the detailed data can be priceless for understanding cost centers and the fact that we can organize the data to make AP a snap is well received.  Add to that the automation and self-service aspects and you have a great tool improving our customers overall experience.”

The ComTec Partner Program is built to serve technology businesses that want to supply best-fit Unified Communications, WAN Connectivity, and Infrastructure solutions to their clients.  Often, ComTec’s partners are very good at what they do and want to stay focused, so they choose ComTec as their voice partner.

The White Glove service ComTec is known for is critical to the Partner Program.  Unlike many options ComTec’s partners have, ComTec is extremely collaborative every step of the way.  From proposal reviews to ensure needs are being met to incorporation in all project meetings, partners can be as involved as they see fit.

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About ComTec Systems

ComTec Systems began as a family-owned business founded in Vineland, NJ in 1988. Our primary business at that time was cabling for and installation of SMB phone systems. Over the next 30 years, the company has evolved into one of the region’s fastest growing and most successful business telecommunications companies.

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Brian Flaim