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A Letter from Customer Success

Ed Wieland
Director of Customer Success
Schedule Time With Client Care

When I first saw the opening at ComTec Systems over four years ago and researched the company, I was immediately drawn to the energy and potential with this company and requested to have my interview be me spending a day at the office to see how everyone communicates.

A few hours after arriving at ComTec, I knew that Michael had the right vision and that the company was already beginning to explode. We discussed my future role and the need for a more customer centric culture within the company. This is what perpetuated the huge leap in client care to where we are now as a company. I have never worked for or had dealings with a company that is as driven to make the client experience this exceptional and I challenge anyone to find a more accessible client care team than what we have built at ComTec Systems.

With that in mind, I have provided a link below to my Calendly page.  If you are an existing client, former client, prospective client, or just someone curious about ComTec in general, go ahead and book time with me.  I look forward to speaking with you!