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How to Installing MX mobile (iConnect ZX Mobile)

Zultys Mobile is available via the Google Play Store as a free download.


To install: 

  1. Open Google Play Store
  2. Search for “Zultys Mobile”
  3. Tap Download
  4. Install the App

Enter the following information during first setup 

  1. Username – username, if using ZAC this username is the same. 
  2. Password – password, if using ZAC this username is the same. 
  3. Server address – 
  4. Save password – If enabled, Zultys Mobile remembers your password. 

Note: The first time you log into the application you will be prompted to enter your cell phone number to bind the softphone to. If you are utilizing Zultys Cloud Services or a provider that utilizes E.164, first enter a 1 and then your cell phone number. 

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